Finis coronat opus – the end crowns the work

Synerca offers Business development services for international Infrastructure companies. Established in 2016 as a limited liability partnership, Synerca GmbH is based in Schramberg, Germany and Cairo, Egypt.


Synerca aims to support the development of countries through our extensive global network and consultancy services. With our international business alliances, we are capable of realizing planned mega-infrastructure-projects in order to help build and strengthen nations.


By connecting clients from all over the world and implementing fundamental strategies for growth, we aim to have the largest network of infrastructure system partners around the globe for the continuous improvement of developing nations and to expand our reach into new territories.

We have a strong footprint in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the MENA region and we pride ourselves on incorporating a multi-cultural mindset in order to make a true impact and facilitate change in these regions.


Our model of work combines the interests of all stakeholders, i.e.;

  • You: the expert partner seeking international expansion
  • The Client: usually a public authority such as the Ministry of
  • A strategical, local partner

We take on the advisory role and guide the whole process as a mediator and counsellor.
Most of our sourced projects are not up for public bidding but granted through direct order by the client – in most cases, the local government.

We provide the necessary network and assist during communication in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Additionally, we provide our expertise along the way, for example when it comes to creating a feasible project timeline or ensuring that contracts and deadlines are upheld.

After reaching a partnership agreement with the local partner, we will help the expert partner in every step of the way in creating a newly established company jointly with the local partner. The newly formed enterprise will start sourcing interesting projects immediately and study them jointly between You and the local partner. Work shall start as soon as possible.

As the central link, we are involved in all processes and through our expertise and vast web of contacts, we will ensure that projects are completed successfully, precisely, and in a timely manner. We provide an impeccable experience for a smooth ride from start to finish.

Synerca’s aim is to bring international and local partners together in order to represent their interests in front of local public authorities, without compromising the brand, their value or their ethics. Under no circumstances will we act alone; all visits to public authorities (the client) and all data exchanged will be available for all parties. Both partners have a veto, therefore only projects favorable for both shall be pursued. Via these protocols we can guarantee that you, the international expert, gain significant business expansion in a new market. The local partner gains the know-how of an international acclaimed company and thus is able to vye for more projects, while the client is able to propel the local infrastructure and economy once projects are completed.

Finis coronat opus… until something is completed, one will not realize its true value

Mr. Carlos Armbruster Moreno

 CEO, Board Member



Mr. Alvaro Armbruster Moreno

CEO, Board Member


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